What we do

We help business owners transform their business to become super-efficient, growing and more valuable. We’ve been doing it for 25+years.


Who we work with

  • Privately owned B2B industrial services companies with revenues of $2m+
  • Families who have successfully exited their B2B industrial services companies
  • Other businesses owned by interesting people doing interesting things
  • Private investors and their families who believe wealth is a responsibility, not a measure of ones worth.
  • Clever, successful and driven people who enjoy life but take their business and investments personally


Why it works

  • We not only help you solve your most pressing problems, but more importantly we persue opportunities.
  • We are able to take complex business issues and make them easy to understand and implement.
  • Our sole raison d’etre is to help real people running real businesses. And because of this, we do not believe in the billable hour, which bears little relationship to outcomes achieved.
  • We are not successful because we sell hours, we are successful because we deliver tangible results, exceed expectations, provide security and peace of mind, take a balance approach and help create a preferred vision for the future.
  • And because of this we are authentic in choosing who we work with.


What makes us different

  • We grew up in families that ran successful B2B industrial service and have a great awareness and empathy for business owners and their families, and we understand the dynamics involved.
  • We develop strong, lasting and meaningful relationships by putting people and results ahead of all else. We work with you as your “in-house” team rather than as an arm’s length advisor.
  • We roll our sleeves up and get down to work, are action and outcome orientated. Put simply, we believe that being great at what we do is all about the client. And the real joy in what we do comes from going the extra yard, going out, spending time and taking a sincere personal interest in what it is you want to achieve.
  • So rather than look inside our business and ask “what do we want?”, we will always look outside of our business to yours and ask “what is it you desire and value?”.
  • We do this because we understand that our business doesn’t exist to do cost accounting, to lodge a tax return or give people fancy titles or power. It exists to create results and wealth outside of itself, for you.


How it works

  • We believe in keeping things as simple as they possibly can and that it serves no purpose to achieve a result with many assumptions rather than a few.
  • So we ask this simple question: What is it you expect from us? By having an understanding of this, we can then focus on maximising the utility for each client.
  • And since no two clients have the same expectations and utility, each and every client is treated specifically and uniquely to their requirements. It’s that simple.